Registration and Stamp Duty Charges in Telangana 2018

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Generally, the property or land registration procedure is the same in every state of the India; however, the percentage may differ. If you pay the registration charges, then you will be going to get the possession of the property. For that reason, there are some important steps that you should not miss at any cost. The process of buying the property remains incomplete till it is registered in the name of the owner. Once you have gone through it, you will be able to defend the property in case of frauds or disputes. Registering it with the state government and give the levied charges is also important. It is about the land registration charges.

Telangana Registration Fees and Stamp Duty:

At the same time, flat registration charges in Hyderabad/Telangana are interlinked to the registration charges. It means that the rates of both registration and stamp duty charges are dependent on the price of the property registered, or the ready reckoner rate like for flats or apartments that are under construction.

According to the GST, the initial two-service tax and VAT will be included and the new rate will be twelve percent from the current 5.75 percent. As the registration charge is a state subject, stays the same taking the total sum of the tax to 18.1%. The explanation of taxes for building materials will be included in the costs. That means, the compliance costs will go higher that will be moved to the customers. Based on the GST terms, it is an important thing to pay registration charges for apartment build-up area, land, and undivided share of land. A customer will have to experience the Telangana stamps and registration process while registering the property.

stamp duty in telangana

Required Documents Needed For To Buy/Sell Property :

To meet the legal needs and get the property registered, it is important to have the legal documents required for the purchase of a property. You need to present the below-mentioned documents at the time of the property registration:

  • DD or Challan that proofs the payment of the full stamp duty Telangana, registration fee, transfer duty and user charges.
  • Two witnesses, who will recognize the parties and ID cards with photos of these individuals.
  • A photograph that captures a frontal view of the property.
  • Section 32A photo form of witnesses or claimants or executants.
  • Witnesses and executant’s address proof
  • SPA or GPA, if any in original along with the Photostat copy
  • Link document copies

You can also submit e-challan registration Telangana. You must give all the original documents that bear a signature of all parties. The government has provided an apartment or flat registration and plot registration documents along with property registration charges online so that people can save a lot of time, making the overall procedure quick and easy. On the web, you can also come to know about the gift deed and non-occupancy charges.

Now, the main thing to know is that how to calculate registration charges on property in Hyderabad, read as follows:

  • Property value- Rs.10 lakh (Example)
  • Stamp duty payable= Property value*4/100, registration fees= Property value*0.5/100, transfer duty= Property value*1.5/100
  • Total cost-Rs. 100000 + 40000 (stamp duty paid) + 5000(registration fees) + 15000(transfer duty)= Rs. 10,60,000



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  1. I am to sell a plot with a single storey building. The value is about 1’5crore. Can you give me the detail of stamp paper value and registration fee payable. In case I had to pay any other duties pl indicate that also

  2. James

    on   said 

    I have purchased an under construction flat which costs 26,22,500. I paid the initial booking and installments in January of 2017 and 18 lacs thru bank in May of 2017. I have recently paid 3 lacs and another 2 lacs is due from the bank. The registration charges as per the builder include VAT, Service TAX, and GST.

    Sale consideration amount 26,22,500
    Add : Registration & doc.charges 1,61,850
    Add : Vat 26,271
    Add : Service Tax 94,575
    Add : GST 62,499
    Total 29,67,695
    Less : Paid as on date 21,01,675
    Balance 8,66,020

    Can you please help me understand why there is vat and service tax as well as gst components in the registration.

  3. Pavan

    on   said 

    Does the above example of total cost include GST as well?
    Can you please give a detailed example in terms of GST?

  4. Gopal

    on   said 

    I have two questions:
    1. I am buying a resale property and planning to do joint registration with my wife. Is the stamp duty still the same at 4% or lesser in cases of joint registration with woman family member? I read that in few states, the stamp duty is less in case of registration in woman or joint registration is less than normal %.
    2. I am buying the property as a resale. In this case while calculating the registration charges, the buyer shows that I have to pay 6% (stamp duty @ 4%, registration @ 0.5% and transfer charges @ 1.5%), additionally 18% as GST charges on the registration charges i.e Total registration charges – 1.18 X 6% of porperty value.
    Is this correct?
    I am asking because, the Telangana Govt website registration charge calculator does not include 18% GST charges on the 6% registration charges.

  5. Anonymous

    on   said 

    TҺanks fоr finally talking ɑbout >Property Stamp
    Duty & Registration Charges in Telangana 2018
    <Liked it!

  6. Nageswararao

    on   said 

    I have purchased individual house g+1,100sq yards cost 45lx how much registration charge please telme detail


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